Our Office

Suite 703 - 805 W. Broadway 
Vancouver, BC 
V5Z 1K1

Phone: (604) 876-1211 
Toll Free: 1-800-665-0538

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am - 3:30pm

Our office is located at the north-west corner of Broadway and Willow Street. A TD Bank, a Japanese restaurant and a coffee shop occupy the building courtyard. 

Click here for a street map.


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Travel by car: 

For detailed driving directions, please use Google Maps (link opens in a new window)

  • Click on the link above

  • In the small bubble-like window labeled Address, click on Directions: To here

  • Enter your starting address and click Get Directions

Underground parking is available via Willow Street. Limited handicapped parking is available on the first level and there is elevator access to the main floor. Please note that vehicle height is restricted to 6 feet and 3 inches and the parking lot is dimly lit.

Travel by bus: 

The #9, #15, #50 and 99B Line buses service the area our building is located in. Please visit the Translink web site(link opens in a new window) for schedule information. 

From the Broadway or Commercial SkyTrain stations, board the westbound 99B Line bus and disembark at the Willow Street stop. Or, you can board the westbound #9 bus and disembark at Willow Street. 

From downtown, board the #15 (Cambie) and disembark at Cambie and Broadway. From Cambie and Broadway, it is a 3 block walk (west) to our office. Or, catch either a westbound #9 or 99B and disembark at the Willow Street stop. 

From the SeaBus, exit Waterfront Station and catch the #50 (False Creek South) bus outside the main doors and disembark at the Willow Street stop. Or, catch the 98B, disembark at Granville and Broadway and transfer to an eastbound 99B then disembark at the Willow Street Stop. 

From Granville and Broadway, board the eastbound #9 bus and disembark at Willow Street (in front of the Fairmont building) or board the 99B and disembark at the Willow Street stop.