How your eyes are created


First, we take an exact impression of the socket, using a soft, conforming material designed to be non-irritating.


While we are doing this, you may experience the sensation of having "something in your eye". This is of short duration and is not painful.


From the impression, we make a cast and, from this, the white plastic blank. This basic prosthesis fits you and you alone.

Hand painting and detailing follow, with close attention given to: iris and pupil size, iris alignment, the colouration of the iris, and the characteristics of the "white" of the fellow eye.


Finally, we fit the eye and make fine adjustments as needed. Erickson’s services include follow-up support to ensure that your new eye is comfortable and continues to function properly.


The length of time needed for the process of making your new eye varies with the individual and depends, to a large extent, upon the existing condition of the socket. Generally, four to six visits over two or three days are all that are needed.