The Artistic Eye


If you have lost an eye, probably your first reason for considering an artificial replacement is appearance.

At Erickson’s, we know that the most natural appearance can be achieved only when the new prosthetic eye matches, as closely as possible, all characteristics of the remaining eye; simply put, the new eye needs to match the fellow eye. This includes not only matching the colour of the iris, but also positioning the iris precisely. We also match the shading and subtle tones of the sclera (white of the eye), duplicate any tiny veining that may be present, and recreate the look of a natural eye by including its ability to reflect light.

Realism is the art of the Erickson’s eye that is painstakingly created through a combination of delicate handpainted detailing and the most advanced technology.


The Prosthetic Eye

The artificial eye is a prosthesis that has several significant functions. It is important to know that it does not restore sight, but it does help to do the following:

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A Short History

The Erickson brothers, John ("Jack") and Charles ("Charlie"), opticians doing business in the Pacific Northwest, used a newly developed, non-irritating, durable plastic that could be custom-shaped, fitted, tinted and detailed to achieve a very natural effect. 

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Many hotels offer a discount for persons coming to Vancouver for medical purposes, but you must advise the hotel of this at the time you make your reservation. 

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Our Office

Our office is located at the north-west corner of Broadway and Willow Street. A TD Bank, a Japanese restaurant and a coffee shop occupy the building courtyard.


We are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality custom-made ocular prosthesis.


How eyes are created

The length of time needed for the process of making your new eye varies with the individual and depends, to a large extent, upon the existing condition of the socket. Generally, four to six visits over two or three days are all that are needed.